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Incredible Ladies Project (ILP) has been created as a series of blogs addressing all sorts of things. The inital Incredible Ladies website had grown out of its space and I chose the blogs for their accessibility and the speed with which articles can be published. It is a flexible and fun way to sort all my interests and blurbs into categories and the above image represents them all. Clicking on an individual image will bring you straight to the respective blog, while the twitter informs about the latest updates on whichever blog. Please enjoy my space to roam, ramble and rant.

ILP Fusion represents everything I ever wanted to achieve. I started off in 2004 with health issues and general feel of something missing, then I changed some things and unfolded everything in the virtual world. It is now time to take all the experience that is sitting in those thousands of posts and to bring it back into the real world and fuse them into one big vision.

I am planning to start my own company, and I will make this vision my mission. I have set up a new blog ILP Fusion, in which I will describe my journey from vision to reality.

Tangkahan however, stole my heart and has gained priority for now. Again there is a blog for it; Tangkahan - The Hidden Paradise is a joint project by me and people from Tangkhahan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. At one point in the future when electricity will be reliable and the Internet will be affordable they will maintain this domain themselves. For now I have taken it under the wings of ILP to safeguard and to guide.

I am planning to create a charity ILP-Foundation to support projects like the English school in Tangkahan... and of course, there is a blog for it!



Since 8th March 2001 ILP even has an eBook publication: Please find out about 'Columnbina - Insights:Growing up at Almost 50'

The proceeds of the book will go to ILP-Foundation as well as the earnings of the Adsense enabled blogs. I hope this makes it more bearable to live with the adverts.

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