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Photographer’s Biography

towards the world of art started to transpire at young age during the primary school.
I started to scribble everywhere on the books, walls and newspaper corners. It was very clear from the beginning that the drama of art always played on my mind, drifting me far away from the everyday monotonous humdrum of school life, unlike other children who were only good at studies.

My work has taken me to places; from remotest corners of the world like Cambodia to High Streets of London, frenzied cities of United States, disquiet Tel Aviv, archipelagic Indonesia, mainland China and Australian Outback

Having lived in some of the busiest cities like Dubai, Singapore and now in Bombay's cacophony; my life in general has been electrifying and animated!

Photography is my own magical world, my passion, where I re-create my perceptions on to digital images. Though black & whites are my personal favourites, I still do glamour & fashion in colour.

I am inspired by the work of Ruth Bernhard and Ansel Adams. You can find me on or Flickr

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