Love yourself

Love yourself and you can paint

the things you dream or touch.

Let self doubt never taint

the budding artists brush.

Trust yourself and you can be

a poet like the rest,

Just have a go and you may see

You’re up there with the best

Like yourself and you might find

skills you’ve yet to discover

or talents left way behind,

so go seek out another

Value you and you can claim

the life that you pursue.

There’s love out there it’s got your name

Go find! its up to you.

A happy self will tend to bring

good things to their side,

so paint, write, laugh and sing

there is no time to hide.

No more self demeaning

Nor endless self denial

I hope you get my meaning

As death in this life’s final.

What comes next

Can ne`er be told

so do your best  

go on be bold.

Mick O’Brien  2003

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Copyright 2007
Author: Rika