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Welcome to the dreaded - Ugh, moving my body - section.

Sports, hummm!? Sweat, exhaustion, muscle pain, clothes revealing love handles and saddlebags, mirrors in gyms, pittyful glances of neighbours,...

No, No, No, Ladies!

That's not how we do sport. We won't wear the T-shirts which are too old and baggy for work. And we won't wear hubby's shirts either. We will wear the appropriate gear! Not only because it looks good, but because you can't do certain things when you are wearing the wrong stuff. You will feel insecure and embarrassed and you can't have that - especially when you are a beginner and feeling a little bit like a mad cow anyway.


Only if you do aerobic sport, if you are doing weights you will hardly sweat. So if you hate sweating, do weights.

Muscle Pain

Yeah, but you will learn to love it. You can't avoid it at the beginning whatever you do, later on it's more likely with weights. It will come back after breaks or when you change your training plan. But it's the feeling of success. The muscle pain in the right place tells you that you did it right!


Again: Very much so with aerobics, hardly with weights.


As covered above, the revealing bit might not be entirely avoidable, but you will feel good in nice, appropriate clothes. It changed everything for me!


They will become your best friends, not only in sports.

Pittyful Neigbours

Forget about them, there will be a time when pitty changes to admiration and envy.

So, for all of you were the dream evolves around the body - you won't get away without any sport! It might be all rather confusing at the beginning, and there might be a lot more to learn about sport before you even started than you ever thought. However, the first task is to find out what the right sport is for you, how much time you should invest, how much time you can invest and then to harmonise those two.

This section will become rather big over time, and if you feel that I'm not filling it quickly enough then drop me a line and ask for what you need to know. I will get in touch with you.

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