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Detlef's Personal Page

Well, I seem to be the computer geek in the family, and so I ended up as the 'Incredible Ladies' admin guy. So if you would find that something is not going alright with the site, please give me a shout. Additonally I am running: Unravel the Web - A geek free blog about the internet.

Apart from doing that, you would find me on the golf course - oh well, from time to time I have to earn a living - but apart from that: It's the golf course!

Typical poses:

That ...
... and that...
... and that!

And of course there is another important thing: Going to the gym with Rika! She tried the golf for one season but it's not her thing, so the gym sessions became our escape from the work routine which we enjoy together.

Oh, and I shot some of the gym pictures - not that I wanted to compete with Babul, but Rika needed some more pictures and Babul had already left for India.

So my general 'Incredible Ladies' job description is: Admin guy and emergency photographer. Let's see with what the missus comes up with next!

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