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Comment: 02/11/07

By: Sonal

Hi Rika,

I had the opportunity of reading some of your articles over some time. Especially the ones that I have mentioned below.

What's the worst to happen?

I'm on Strike

Homage to Monica

I really liked your style of writing. You are so precise and frank Its really amazing I hope you come out with a book soon I guess I will be the first one the buy a copy and get it personally autographed from you!!

Keep up the good work!!! And keep writing more articles of these sorts

Looking forward for tomorrow dinner party!! :D



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Comment: 27/10/07

By: Rika

I felt that I probably should write again about what I want to achieve with this site, as those articles from the beginnings of the site have aged and thus sunk to the bottom of the pile.

There are a lot of blogs out there where people are writing about there lives and having others to comment on it.

I'm rather desperate to make clear that I don't want this site to belong to this category. From the start it was planned as stories from people to people - not just a one way road, leading to me.

And although I'm sometimes a bit jealous of the people who run blogs because they get a lot of feedback instantly, while I am patiently hoping for the best, I still think that my approach of creating a calm reading environment is a good one.

The last 4 month have been a quite a learning curve, although the only one real hiccup so far has been that the only stories I had available were my own - what makes the whole thing very much look like the blogs mentioned above.

Well yes, I felt that I had achieved something worthwhile writing down. And I hoped and still hope that my writing would inspire you to sit down and to reflect a bit. And that you would find that you have achieved something as well. That you would find that what you did might apply to others, and that it might help them to turn a corner. And I'm hoping that you then might feel that this site could be the right place to publish it.

I hope I didn't lose visitors already; who had a quick look, thinking: Well, it's a site about sport and nutrition - worked for her, but isn't for me!

It is NOT a site about sport and nutrition, and it is NOT a site about fashion or health.

It is a site where people are telling stories. Any kind of stories! And if I find that there are certain principles behind those stories, then I would like to catch up on those, writing them down.

I am keeping my mind sane by doing body building and running a website, Imola is running long distance, Babul (although not a lady, but nevertheless a good example) is doing photography, and Dominique got herself a drum kit. We all need something where we are passionate about, but usually those are the things we drop first when life's schedule gets tighter.

For a short while it is OK to just do what needs to be done to keep things from drowning, but rather often the 'short while' stretches into 'long years' and we forget how to do the things we loved doing. We have to claim this territory back to lead a happy and balanced life. The more different stories we get the more ways of finding our passion we will have on offer, and the higher the chance will be that the one bit that works for you is in there.

This site is meant to be a magazine that we as a group of Incredible Ladies write for ourselves. Because we know best what we would want to read in a magazine. And I know that there are a lot of skills in our community, they only need to be unleashed.

It is starting slowly now that I'm getting contributions. This is a completely new thing for me, to go out and to find people who want to write for the site - sometimes nagging them a bit, sorry!

But as I said before: This is OUR site - not mine! My role should be editorial with a bit of writing, while your role would be to read and to send me your stories, for crying out loud! These green letters are not for decoration, they open an email window ready for use.

Every email you write will be kept confidential. If you send a comment please let me know if I can use it on the site - otherwise I won't, or I will ask back.

Ownership of articles will stay with you, so whenever you would like to have it taken off the site, I will do that without questions. You can publish your stuff anywhere else anytime, just make sure that the publisher knows that it is on this site already, or let me remove it before you publish somewhere else. I'm not interested in legal fussing about. I would like to have these things handled with common sense.

There is no way around it: There is one thing, that on one hand makes the site interesting, but which on the other hand can turn into something sour. Some of the stories can be seen as having a slightly voyeuristic aspect, e.g. the Afternoon Tea updates, the profiles of Detlef and Beibei, or my articles about you doing things like Imola's race. I will handle those subjects with the utmost care, and I always hope that the love and the respect I feel for the people I write about, reflects in the article. Nevertheless, if you should feel offended by anything I have written, please please tell me about it! I only can correct things when I know about them.

'Thank You', to all of you who have made this journey with me so far and helped making it a wonderful one. It is such a brilliant experience - I wouldn't want to miss it for all the world, and I now hope that you patiently stick a bit longer with me. This really is the time where this site has to turn a corner. Rika must fade into the background, and I need your help to make that happen.

Lots of Love


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