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Word of Mouth - Hair and Fashion - Suffolk, Ipswich

Essence-Pampered to perfection!

By Imola

It all started about a year ago with a present voucher for a full body massage handed over by my husband for my birthday.

The next available salon listed was in Wickham Market, a little town near Woodbridge.

I went along not really knowing what to expect. I liked the place immediately. Located in a beautiful Grade-2 listed building, Essence is Wickham Market's premier Hair & Beauty Salon. Take a look at .

The beautician is called Judith, a very pleasant, quiet, very professional lady. The room is small but welcoming, warm and slightly fragrant. Soothing music is played and the room is slightly darkened. There are many things in that room, for example in one corner there are Lava stones heated up readily available for a hot stone massage, an awful lot of small pots filled with great looking ingredients and all the gizmos for different facials.

First of all she asked me about my health, listened attentively, then asked about what kind of massage would I prefer. I can't remember all the choices, but I know that we agreed on a relaxing Swedish massage. She then made an Aromatherapy blend suggesting a list of oils adding jasmine oil for my preference. I know from their website that they are using only organic, natural products.

I had the most amazing experience, a brilliant massage which lasted about an hour. I very nearly fell asleep, the only interruption was the occasional sound of the nearby church bell. (for which she apologized at the end). She has the most amazing hands, firm but gentle. She is attentive and very polite.

I felt invigorated, energized and slightly light-headed afterwards. I was advised to drink a lot of water, and indeed I felt thirsty the whole day. I felt the effects for at least three days, I lost a kilo and a half and I felt amazing. I told my husband with a smirk on my face not to worry anymore about any other future gifts should he ever be stuck for ideas.

Thankfully he didn't forgot how grateful I was for this experience and he got me the same voucher for Christmas. I was sitting on it for months on end but it was always at the back of my mind. Last weekend, a year on, I had another appointment and a very similar experience. Judith recognised me(!), knew my details, asked if anything has changed since our last meeting and carried on the same amazing treatment with the same polite professionalism.

Now that's what I call money well spent.

We had a little chat about how women in this country still don't have regular beauty treatments, facials and massages are regarded as treats rather than necessities. We don't look after ourselves enough like women in other countries and what a shame that is.

I asked her about the different kind of facials they are doing, and she swears by the Environ Active Vitamin Treatment to reduce lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, pigmentation, acne scarring or as a prevention for premature ageing, she says she sees a real difference using them.

That has to be my next experiment and I will write to you about it, but until then please do not forget how much "abuse" our body is taking day after day from our busy lifestyles, and how little rest and pampering we are offering ourselves.

So don't think twice, if you have the opportunity please go and spoil yourself, have a wonderful experience as I just had.


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Robert Douglas Hair Workshop

To be devoloped into an individual page soon!

The Robert Douglas hair workshop was founded by the late Robert Douglas himself, and established in 1988. This was the first of the Robert Douglas salons, and is situated in the charming, quaint town of Woodbridge.

We provide a wide range of services, including colouring treatments, advanced cutting and special occasions.

The salon offers a friendly relaxed atmosphere making everyone feel welcome.

Nadia is the head stylist and owns Robert Douglas Hair workshop.

For more than a year she helped me to grow my hair longer and advised me on colour, gently leading me to a more grown up and versatile look. She helped me adapt my hairstyle to my new sports-lifestyle. My hair is a bit longer now than planned before, and I can have it curled for a ladylike look, straight for a cool look and as an updo for sport.

Summer 2006

I have copper highlights twice a year, with the rest of the hair in semipermanent colour where the copper has a bit of chocolate mixed in to make it more subtle.

Every 7 weeks I have the same semipermanent colour all over and a cut.

Thanks, Nadia!

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Author: Rika