Oh No, I did it again!

I meant to be a good girl, really! All I wanted to do was to deliver the IL-Flyers to nyx&HollyBlue and leave. Well, of course we had to have a quick chat about ideas for their site - it turned out that Nicky's other half is a hairdresser/photographer - this opens doors to loads of ideas, doesn't it? And about where to get flyers printed, about the fashion show and how many more flyers would be needed... important stuff!

So I was talking to Nicky 'business' when Sue suggested... - did I already mention that her innocent ideas always lead to some disastrous event in my purse? ... however, Sue suggested to have a picture of a gorgeous belt. I really have to remember to have a camera on me from now on. As I neglected to do so I can't show you. Nevertheless: Great idea! I admired the belt and then one of these oh so typical conversations started:

Rika: Oh, that's so gorgeous, a shame that I'm not a belt person, ... you know? Waist and bum just don't go well together on me.

Voice from the off: ...oh my God, that again - everybody knows that by now!

Nicky: Well, the women who makes them for us...

Rika (screaming): you have someone making this?

Nicky: Yes, she is brilliant. She shapes them round!

Rika (still screaming): Them! There are more? Where...

Meanwhile Sue silently had moved back to her desk arranging belts.

Sue: Here we ....

Rika ( turning round, voice slowly coming down from screaming to dark convincing mode - at least one octave in voice drop is needed for convincing success): There! Oh there are more... Oh, oh, ....ohhhh look at THAT one! Isn't that gohhrgeousss!


Rika: I'm not going to buy, nope - not going to buy, but may I just try it on?

Rika taking her jacket off

Rika putting the belt on

Still silence

Rika: Oh that's so me, I love it! It's chunky yet stylish, and it's soo good quality leather, ... I even have a Stetson, would go soo well with it...

Nicky and Sue (in chorus, pointing): Look in the mirror...

Nicky and Sue nodding


Rika: I shouldn't... I can't take that off, ...Look, it doesn't even look odd with my teal trousers! Oh my regards to that woman, I'm a fan.. I can't take THAT OFF! It's the first belt EVER that fits!

Rika going on like this for another five minutes.

Nicky and Sue silently observing monologue.

Rika walking the room and twisting in front of mirror

Rika: (deep voice) I'm going to take it, whoops didn't look at the price, but I have to have it now - What just £48? THAT's reasonable, hand made, brilliant quality leather, look at the others, they are all so beautiful, but this one is so me! ...

Devil on Rika's left shoulder: Yes damned, we know! Shut up and buy that thing!

Rika: (deep voice) Yeah but...

Devil on Rika's left holder: You are going to buy it anyway... why do you have to torture these poor people with your excuses?

Rika: Yeah but...

Devil: So?

Rika: (still deep voice) Oh well, then...

Rika: (back to screaming) Yay, I have to have it! I'll put it here next to the till while I get my jacket and bag... (bending down) ... oh, look at those shoes...

Devil: Nope, of you go! Can't listen to all your gibberish twice a day.

Good girl on Rika's right shoulder: Thank God for the Devil!

What can I say?

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