Three Cheers to USG

- Utter Summer Gorgeousness -

A good week ago I received a Tweet: I need to get off the drug! Are you with me sister?

Who can resist such a cry for companionship? Of course I was in!

Less is more is never more true than in respect to chocolates and sweets. Be honest! Be really, really honest! No need to voice it, just answer for yourselves: I am claiming that only the first bite tastes really fantastically good! After that it is the wish to recreate the experience of this very first bite. One might be settling for the silky texture of the chocolate, the crunchiness of the biscuit, or its buttery smell, but the lift your closed eyes to the sky and feel the saliva kick in of this first bite just won’t happen anymore… and by the time one realises the whole pack is gone. That is when addiction takes the place of indulgence.

So a sister needed help to go cold turkey. I already have quit several times hence I am experienced. I know what the sugar does to me! Not just the weight gain, I could live with that - to an extent – no, the grumpiness when I under-sugar and the constant focus on having enough of my drug close by. I needed help myself!

Off we went into our first week, which is over now and on meeting in the gym one could tell that it started to work. Better shape, better spirit, better performance!

We are now entering the snooty stage. Of course I only can  talk for myself and actually I shouldn’t as it throws a rather bad light on my ways of thinking. The snooty stage is that feeling of being so much better than all those wimps out there. It however is a very important phase; one is still very vulnerable, and putting oneself on a pedestal makes one not just look down on the others, but as well onto the sad self one has been just that one week earlier.

Thus instead of feeling bad about the unseemly thoughts, one should rather embrace them as an important stage of stabilisation.

Now, we are twittering our support in just 140 characters per post. This restricted one tends to come up with weird ways of phrasing and at one point the toast to ‘utter summer gorgeousness’ USG was coined.

I like that toast! I always wanted to have MY legs – maybe this summer is the summer I get them!?! … and all of a sudden I realised: USG is not about these silly sweets and weight loss, it’s about things that make us feel good, really feel good. If it is chocolates for you – Yes!  Have them! But be sure that it is what you actually want.

This afternoon I had the house for myself and I should have been working for IL but my mind went blank. I sneaked into my armchair with my hand grooming set and shoved ‘Sex And The City the Movie’ into the player for some cosy ‘Me-time’. Yes! I definitely do want to have those legs! And I love eating fried chicken straight out of the pan, and I love to sing although I’m not good at it, and NO! I don’t even particularly like chocolate, just - sometimes I forget that!

USG is not about looks, it is all about how we feel and what we really, really like doing to get that feeling. Sometimes all it needs is a bit of sunshine and to listen to our dreams!

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