Winter Blues

According to the Telegraph today is the officially most depressing day of the whole year: Winter blues par excellence!

Combine that with an all time low of hormones and lack of sleep, and you will get a rough idea of my mood status – this isn’t anything close to the usual mood swings, this is grown-up gloom. The symptom that might give the best indication of how far up the scale I am, is when shifting gear on my way to the food store sounds like beating the record on TopGear for a round in the reasonably priced car.

So there I was this morning Monday, 18th January, starring at the sandwich bread that just wouldn’t want to transform into sandwiches all by itself and was close to giving it all up – again! Boooohooooo, why am I here? What am I doing? Nobody is interested in my website, why do I bother? Wahhaaaaaa!

I had hoped that my morning coffee with a bit of celeb gossip would cheer me up, and promptly I stumbled over an article on ‘Invisible Women in their 40s’. Well, that DID cheer me up – it’s wonderful to be understood, to not feeling alone in the world, and to know that apparently there are still women out there who might be interested in my writings. Didn’t this article just cheer ME up? I should be able to write one that will pass this cheer on! Unfortunately I then started reading the comments...

Uuuuhhh, please don’t cheer me up by telling me how good I have it! I know that there are loads of wonderful women out there, who are so much better than I am, who have a hard  life and are coping without a single moan, and that I should strive to step into their footsteps and that I should stop pitying myself and rather go out to safe the world.

... it’s just.... I didn’t choose to be moody today... and now my coffee is empty and I have to make sandwiches and I don’t know how to safe the world... it’s so big!... whhhhfffff....hmmmm... whhhhfffff... and I’m tired and nobody listens and ....

So now not just carrying my own mood, but the burden of the world, I trudged downstairs to attend to the sandwich problem.

Then I heard hubby in the next room! “I need a HUUUUGG!” ... and then the darling downloaded the IL statistics – ohhhh, risky - ... and found that we are on a steep incline. People DO read, and they ARE interested! And then the letterbox rattled and I got a letter from a Twitter friend telling me that I would be allowed to attend a ‘Primate Enrichment Session’ at Colchester Zoo, meaning that I will be able to see behind the scenes of the Orangutan enclosure. How wonderful is that?

Two lovely people did something nice for me and all of a sudden the day is a bit brighter, and now that it is afternoon even the sun decided to have a look from behind the clouds.

Oh well, life is not too bad after all, and maybe I’m now strong enough to take on a little bit of the world.

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