Michelle Desilets - Founder of BOS UK and OLT

The Orangutan Lady

When I started to introduce the Orangutan issue to IL, I got in touch with Michelle who at that time had just started to found her new charity Orangutan Land Trust. Her response to my email and enthusiams was so inspiring that I kept diving deeper and deeper into the matter. Once in a while I keep nagging her with the one or the other question and I always get a wonderfully elaborate answer.

The last one containing a wonderful article about a little baby Orangutan Nita. That was when I found that her story should go up here: What an Incredible Lady with an Incredible Story.

As a profile however I would like to only provide links to various sources where her story is already depicted from so many angles, you will get to know her from those so much better then from whatever I would write:

Michelle's recommendation for Eco-Tourism

Raw Wildlife Encounter - 12 days Elephant Odyssey Adventure, Sumatra

Incredible Stories

Short Stories

Lisa - Lady on Fire
Jori - Towering Tall
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Long Stories

Project Rika

Imola's Passion

Michelle's Orangutans
Little Nita (English)
Little Nita (German)

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