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Lisa - Lady on Fire

Me at round 1 of the rowing race'
ready to take over

I have always been into keep fit, started as a child swimming for Ipswich Swimming Club. Was never going to be Sharon Davies, however I did represent my town (Ipswich) and on one occasion my County.

In my early twenties I found the gym, used to go everyday and really did get quite obsessed, marrying a super fit gym obsessed 'toy boy' certainly didn't help!!!  However in my early thirties I had a son, Daniel.  I seemed to give up on exercise for far too long and got very out of shape. So when we decided to try for another baby, I decided I needed to get my shape and fitness back...

So for a few months I re-found the gym.  Then on my sons first birthday I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Lucy.  It was very different this time as I found a training routine that fitted in with pregnancy and swam up to 2 days before she was born!

 Having children meant that I had to 'review' my training, never having the time to fit in a full hour in the gym 5 days a week! 

Then very sadly my father and father in law passed away within a few months of each other, both with Cancer. This gave me a real incentive.... I decided to train for the Race for Life, running has never been my strong point!  However I managed to do the run in 26 minutes which shocked even myself! 

I was then hooked!  I had a great running partner and we trained for a 10K which we did October 2006. 

It was an amazing feeling. Up until May of 2007 I was regularly running between 4 and 6 miles!  Then injury meant that I had to give up for while!  I am now getting back into things, and desperate to find a new running partner as mine has emigrated to Australia!!!! I

average a 9.5/10 minute speed, so I’m no sprinter!  If anyone is interested please do let me know and drop me a line.

Me and friends at the 10K, October 2006

The other thing that I did after my dad died was something I said I would never ever do!

I jumped from a plane!!! 

Mad I know!  I was offered the opportunity, and would in the past have laughed and said NO WAY....  However something told me I should say yes......  I raised nearly 1,000 pounds for Great Ormond Street Hospital, something I know my dad would have been so proud of! 

When I jumped from the plane I was told to empty my lungs, either by shouting or screaming. I shouted: This one’s for you dad!!  It was amazing and I’d love to repeat, so if anyone else fancies joining me maybe we could get an Incredible Ladies charity jump?

That's enough of me, I’m certainly not 'incredible', I just hope that I can inspire ladies that keeping fit is fun, going outside your comfort zone is fun, and with my 40th birthday fast approaching, that with hope life starts at 40!!

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