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Eye Creams

Try not to use eye creams. I saw a TV documentary on Nip 'n Tuck and the surgeon said that most of the sagging skin under eye is due to eye creams and that this industry has made him rich.

The skin under the eye doesn't need extra nutrition as the normal facial cream is seeping into this area anyway. Additional cream can easily overfeed it and make it heavy. When I heard that I stopped using the eye cream immediately. Rather skip salt in your diet, have a good rest and have a slice of cucumber put on the closed eyes for a few minutes from time to time to improve the skin around the eyes.


I was browsing a bit and I found that wherever you look these eye creams are highly recommended nowadays. I saw the documentary mentioned above some years ago and products might have become more advanced since then. But I remember this doctor on the telly so vividly, especially because I had trouble with puffy eyes at that time, I had used the creams which didn't really help, and I had stopped immediately after I heard that. I'm sorry to say that I couldn't find the source of this info anymore. I don't even know on which channel I saw that. But what I know for sure is this:

I'm now about two stone lighter than at that time and I'm not having baggy eyes anymore. What is astonishing because I thought that the skin under the eyes and actually in the whole face would not be able to shrink anymore. I expected to end up with a rather drooping face. I have a few more wrinkles around the lips now, but altogether I'm rather happy with the result of the weight loss.

And all that without eye cream. I'm using my moisturiser actually very much avoiding the eye area and I use a good eye make-up remover. Don't use your day cream for that, like you sometimes see in the old movies.

I believe this result is due to the reduction of salt content in my food. At the same time when I lost the puffy eyes I lost the swollen feet as well - my shoes are half a size smaller now.

So even if there are eye creams on the market nowadays which might help and don't harm - I believe that cooling mask and reduction of water retention has a much higher impact. And saves a lot of money!

Here are some more opinions on this issue:

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Nose drops

Nose drops are addictive. After a while they are actually the cause of a blocked nose, while the cold because of which you used them in the first place is long gone. Usually they dry out the soft tissue so that it becomes vulnerable to new infection more easily.

Only use them at night when you can't sleep because of a blocked nose and during the day only when you are not coping at all. Rather use inhalers or cough drops with eucalyptus and peppermint

Sinus infections can cause fatique

If you feel unusually tired over a longer period of time investigate regarding a sinus infection. It doesn't necessaryly have to go along with the known symptoms like headache and pressure above the nose, all it may cause is a crushing fatigue. I found a study from Vanderbilt University, 2000 confirming.

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Feet and shoes

Have plenty of them - Shoes not feet!

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Grow Your Own Drugs

Brilliant TV series on grow your own drugs demonstrated by James Wong with recipes for all sorts of stuff from tinctures, cremes, balms, patches, cough drops and soups against cold:

Series 1: Fruit

  • Syrup of figs for constipation
  • Goji berry and chicken soup for colds and flu
  • Hops pillow for insomnia
  • Kiwi and papaya face mask

Series 2: Flowers

  • Viola cream for eczema
  • Marigold gel for acne
  • Elderflower throat lozenges
  • Lavender bath bomb

Series 3: Trees

  • Ginkgo tea for memory
  • Neem lotion for headlice
  • Horse Chestnut tincture
  • Horse Chestnut gel for varicose veins
  • Pine deodorant

Series 4: Herbs

  • Lemon balm lip salve for cold sores
  • Plantain cream for bites and stings
  • Thyme breath spray
  • Herbal body scrub

Series 5: Roots

  • Marshmallow and liquorice cough syrup
  • Valerian hot chocolate for anxiety
  • Crystallized ginger for nausea
  • Echinacea ice lollies

Series 6: Veg

  • Artichoke and hawthorn bar for healthy cholesterol
  • Chilli plasters for muscle sprains
  • Garlic vinegar footbath
  • Garlic talcum powder for athlete's foot
  • Cucumber Eye Gel

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