Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Oh I love shoes! I always loved them. But when I gained weight my a little bit square feet became even more square, in every dimension possible, reducing the choice immensly.

What does women do to compensate? She finds a reason why it is not good to wear that fashionable stuff anyway.
So I became a 'Good Girl'. Have a pair of winter boots - for warmth, a pair of winter shoes for the office - comfy, a pair of sandals - comfy. If very adventurous get a second pair of the same sandals in a different colour - but comfy.

Well, comfy winter shoes make sense - if you really have to make sense of it. But sandals? They could be a bit nice and girly, couldn't they?

Although: If you are a pear, meaning you have your weight around your bottom bit, you don't need nice summer shoes, because you won't wear skirts. Trousers would hide them anyway, so one pair of comfy will do!

What? Why no skirts?

Oh! Ever went on a hot sommers day with legs that touch each other without a layer of cloth inbetween? Even the imagination is hurtful enough. And as it is hot and summer it doesn't make sense to wear long granny undies either - trousers it is, and sandals - comfy ones.

And then it all backfired. For years on end I was wearing the same brand of 'good' leather shoes. 'Child, always buy good shoes, it's the only thing you shouldn't be thrifty about, you don't want to spoil your feet.' And that was exactly what happened.

However good a shoe is: It puts pressure on parts of the foot. And if that happens for too long the foot gets deformed. The only way to avoid that is to have plenty of shoes and to best wear different ones throughout the day.

So now I don't only have square feet, I have square feet with bunion. Luckily not too big ones so that I still could make the change back to my beloved high heels. Since I lost a bit of weight the feet got a bit slimmer and I have a bigger choice in the shops. I have very cheap ones which are very comfy, I have expensive ones which are a pain and the other way round. So price is no indicator for a good shoe. I'm such a blessed girl, because now I have a health reason for buying shoes! And since I learned a thing or two about outfits and accessories I found that shoes do everything to an outfit. You can get it all right, if the shoes are wrong - that's it! In my eyes the biggest fashion crimes are done by wearing the wrong shoe.
Nice girly cork wedge sandal for square feet.
One has to get lucky from time to time. These sandles walked me through London all day without a single blister. So dare trying every shoe you like. One needs to kiss a thousand frogs to find a princess.

And that is why one of entries in the 'List of Makeover Rules' is: Get a full size mirror! You need to see the proportions. Sometimes you can pull off the wrong length of a skirt with the right pair of shoes. Sometimes you might think that the colour matches, but it doesn't.
The wrong pair of shoes can make the nicest outfit look frumpy. But the right pair of shoes can make you look like a goddess!

BTW: I'm still buying them in all colours when I find good ones - it's hard to get rid of old habits - but that is a different story.

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