How 4 Silly-Buys Make one Good Outfit

It all started with a red skirt about 4 years ago...

Silly-Buy No 1: A mistake

How could I not obey my colour scheme?

Do YOU see this colour in the chart? I don't!

This is a bloody expensive skirt from Jigsaw and the only reason I bought it was that it fitted.

Some four years ago I was so thrilled about any kind of garment fitting around my rear end that I hysterically had to buy it.

And then the moaning and the mourning started. Loads of money spent and nothing to wear it with. Anything matching this pinkish red was just not good for my skin tone and shape wise it all looked a bit frumpy as well.

The only look that sort of worked was casual and involved flat shoes, brrr. That sort of look is much more practical with trousers anyway...

Eventually I gave up when hubby kindly suggested to book it under 'lesson learned' and not to spend more money for a top that wouldn't suit me anyway.

Not suitable for fat ankles, really!

Silly-Buy No 2: A matter of love

Fuerteventura 2006!
Completely fell in love with the colours.

It has enough dirty orange around the neck line to suit my skin tone, but I had no idea what I would wear with it.

It is too long to be worn on top of pants as it halves the bum, and it is too wide around the midriff to tuck it in.

Then it tuned out that the pinkish reds are a great match with the skirt - Yay!

But the only shoes I had in that tone were a bit frilly compared to the straight cut of the top. Well, and from the front it looks a bit frumpy as it still ends just above my widest bit. I'm actually rather proud of this photo - It makes this almost a good look.

However, only wore it once and that was it!

Even entirely degraded it during Fuerteventura 2008 to a beach skirt in order to avoid sun burn. I must have been the weirdest appearance on the whole beach..

Silly-Buy No 3: Being Thrifty

Autumn 2007

I didn't need ANY shoes, but stumbled over the courts and had to at least try. Liked them and saw a sign: Get second pair half price!

Oh oh...!

The clogs were the only ones that were sort of OK and a bit funky AND they fitted!

So I got them both: saved 25 quid - They were the same price so you do the math for what I had to pay for two pairs of shoes I didn't really need...

Then at home: the courts look a bit frumpy with most of my skirts and only work with opaque tights in Winter. Sometimes I wear them with trousers, although I don't particularly like courts combined with trousers.

And the clogs only work with skirts as trousers tend to slip between shoe and foot, what feels awkward and looks really silly.


Silly-Buy No 4: Another matter of love

I am NOT a belt person! I own one well fitted belt for which I eventually found a few trousers and skirts to go with.

And then my most recent purchase: Why on earth did I have to have a second, even bulkier belt?

Well, again: It fitted! After four (= 4 years!) I still have this thing going that I have to have everything that somehow fits. And admittedly - the belt is rather unique.

... and then the blind chicken found a grain!

Sunny morning desperation!

Wanting to wear skirt but not wearing same one twice. Feeling colourful...

Oh well, let's try the damn red one again. At least it's comfy.

Piled all the possible shirts and shoes in front of the wardrobe and then realised that the belt has some reddish patches which compliment the skirt nicely and the chunkiness goes well with the brass riveted and buckled clogs which turned out to be really comfy.

And it started to make sense. Might not be the most fashionable of all outfits - But! It's an outfit that works!

It's not about fashion anyway - it's about what works for a certain shape and skin tone. I even quite like it now.

So my dear ladies don't despair. With a little bit of luck your fashion mistakes might come together one day - even if it needs 4 years - giving vindication for all the bits and pieces secretly ending up in the charity bag.

Happy Shopping!



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