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From Hair to Thread Veins - Facial treatment and Test
Facial results and leg treatment

From Hair to Thread Veins - Facial treatment and Test

It was back in January 2008 that I wrote about my first laser hair removal treatment. I knew that several treatments would be necessary; my decision however, of not going for a multi-saver deal was a good one. I had a second treatment before summer and then none until now – November 2009 that is. This last summer turned a bit annoying because I had got so used not to bother about hair and all of a sudden I had to shave again. It was not a lot but just enough hair to be a nuisance. So once every single bit of tan had gone – what wasn’t long a wait after the rather sad summer  – I went back to Health Counts.

Same treatment - under arm, bikini, lower leg, back thigh - same price, nice! Given that everything is getting more expensive these days I felt instantly at home. Well, and the wait was well worth it. Firstly I can be rather sure that there are not a lot of sleeping roots left over, so I am hoping that this third treatment will be the last one.

The most important thing however is, that they now have that new laser we talked about a good year ago. And in the meantime they have a lot of experience with it!

This laser can remove thread veins, or spider veins as some call them, what I think hits the nail on the head. They are like spiders creeping everywhere. My left leg is basically purple - very annoying! And now I saw a light at the end of the tunnel:

During my good two hours of 1-2-1 during treatment I had plenty of opportunity to investigate the matter and here is what I learned:

  • It is a different type of laser to the hair removal and it is stronger.
  • Since the veins are there for a reason, and the laser cannot eliminate that reason, they may come back.
  • Several treatments might be needed, or it might not work at all.
  • Face veins work differently than leg veins, need completely different settings and are treated as separate matters
  • Test patch cost £40, a 15 minute session £99.

Now, I have been taking horse chestnut pills to support the vessel system since about 3 years already and it helped to break up quite a few thread veins, problem only being that I would have to take them for another 30 years until I can go to my grave with perfect legs. However, I believe that with these pills I have laid a good foundation to the health of my vessels so that I have high hopes for not getting new ones should the treatment be successful.

Of course, as always when I do something like this – I try to be a good girl but am not... really - I got me a leaflet, went home to read it, called the next day to make an appointment for consultation and …without thinking it over I instantly decided for the treatment.

And now? I am hopeful. I had a patch test on the leg and a full treatment on the face: 15 minutes of bzzz, and it does hurt. It is a bit like plugging a nose hair, I guess you get the picture – if not, try it out: It’s fun…!

Day 1
And I am looking a bit like beaten up. The laser coagulates the blood which shows as a brown streak under the skin and glues the vein together. By the time the blood is absorbed by the body, the vein should be nicely sealed. So it is essential to not rub or stress the area to not open up the vessel again – will have to see how that works on my constantly running nose.

To conclude for now:

  • The pain is bearable
  • The price… well, they get quite a bit done in 15 minutes… If it works it definitely is worth it!
  • Be patient and go with the nurses suggestions. They need to try out the laser settings especially on the leg. Your pain levels, the safety of the skin tissue and the efficiency of the laser on the vein has to be coordinated.
Day 6
  • Don’t do it in the face right before an event where you want to look good. I would say give it at least two weeks to make sure. I am in my 6th day and it looks much better now, but I am not confident that it will be gone in a couple of days.

  • For the legs make sure you don’t have to stand or run a lot during the first couple of days. Pressure on the veins is not the best thing for success and if you had big ones then the legs might start feeling a bit heavy.
  • The whole procedure is very bearable and at Health Counts they are very kind and helpful, but be aware that it is not a walk in the park.


It is still early days, but so far it all looks really good. In eight weeks time I could have another treatment should it be necessary – I guess my silly nose won’t give in that easily – and as for the legs… I am having high hopes to be able to carry some gorgeous legs for a couple of decades before I hop into my grave.

Will keep you posted!

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Facial results and leg treatment

Unfortunately I don't have a proper before photo. My nose was always a bit purple from all the nose blowing from hayfevers every summer, all summer, but this silly red blotch at the side of the nose showed up one day when a blackhead refused to heal off properly and then just stayed. Luckily it was a bit camouflaged from the rim and shadow of the glasses, but a nuisance nevertheless.

This thing was the biggest incentive to do something about those silly thread veins. I have a scar right above it anyway and then the dent from the glasses. I couldn't do anything about the other two but that blotch had to go.

The pictures above look rather horrifying, the result however is great!

I deliberately left this picture quite big. The dent and the scar are clearly visible but the red blotch is gone and underneath the nose... well, you will have to believe me: It's much better than before. Unfortunately I got a cold shortly after the treatment and all the rubbing didn't help.

I will wait until next winter, get through another hayfever season and hopefully a bit of a tan in summer; I will try and avoid squeezing - bad, bad girl - and then have a look if I might have another treatment next winter.

So now to the legs!




Again, unfortunately I don't have a proper before photo. In 2004 I had two bad ones which started concerning me and over time this big V-shaped thing got even bigger and webbed in by smaller ones.

I then started taking Horse Chestnut pills a few years back which stopped the process and even seemed to reverse it in parts, but given size and number distributed all over the leg I gathered that I would need until the end of my life to get there without treatment.

I booked myself in for the 18th December for half an hour, which is unusually long but was needed to get everything done on both legs, this patch being one of the lot. Some of the veins had burst others looked as they did before.

Now after almost two weeks the bruises have almost vanished and one can clearly see that there is just a bit of leftover iron that the body needs to dissolve and take away. Some of the formerly still blue ones have changed to the rusty colour as well, so they are dead - yippiee!

Only the biggest blob at the bottom of the V is still there - that would have been too much to do in one go. So again, I will go through a summer, and see what a bit of a tan can do for the leftovers, and then might consider another session next winter.

Although it is still early days I am utterly happy with the outcome. Improvement can still be expected up to eight weeks after the treatment, that really gives hope.

Now it's all a matter of getting the balance right. A bit of sun for a tan helps to camouflage leftovers, but too much heat and sun can create new ones.

So off to utter summer gorgeousness!

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