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Quark - Quickie

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Some people eat Yogurt, I eat Quark. For some reason I only like very few yogurts and that's the ones with loads of calories but which are not really filling.

Quark however, has no fat whatsoever and consists of almost entirely of protein. What is good for people doing sport.

One can use it for baking low calorie cheese cakes or medium calorie ones and if you add a proper base made from digestives and a bit of butter - oh boy...

Actually, the Quark - Quickie is sort of an uncooked version of the cheesecake.

You need:

4 Quark 250g (usually in the cheese shelves)
2 bananas, rather ripe
1 TBS vanilla extract
50 g sugar (preferably fruit sugar)
1 can of raspberries in juice

1 big bowl with a lid or cling film
a fork
a whisk is helpful

Mash the bananas with the sugar and the vanilla extract. Detlef complains about too little sugar, but that depends on the ripeness of the bananas and the raspberries you are using.

So rather have it too sour and members of the household are allowed to be responsible for their own sugar intake. Some might want to add a bit of syrup. I sometimes like to add a tsp of orange jam to my bowl.

protein bomb
low fat
Duration:10 mins

Add the Quark and mix roughly, then gradually add the raspberries with the juice.

The Quark is rather dry and only mixes reluctantly and with a lot of spitting.

A portion like the bowl above (350g) makes a quite nice meal and has about 200 kcal.

This keeps well in the fridge for at least 3 days.

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