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Weird Cheesecake - Take II

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I'm not sure with how many variations I might come up - so let's just number them.

I know this kind of baked cheesecake from Germany, where it was a bit different from the usual recipe what made it very smooth and fresh.

When I came here I couldn't get some of the ingredients so I re-invented it the first time round - what made it very rich and creamy, much to the delight of our friends.

When I was looking for a protein bomb to support our new muscly lifestyle I re-invented it the second time - what made it weird, much to the disappointment of our friends.

Now we were a bit fed up with the always same flavour and the slight taste of sweetener - so I moved back to normal sugar - and raspberries - to the delight of the 'afternoon tea ladies'. Hence it is still weird but in a nice way.

Nevertheless, this recipe is very versatile, you can give it a lemon, orange or vanilla twist, you can play with the amount of sugar and you can play with the kind of fruit you can add. It is high in protein and low in fat (almost 0) and a slice of 1/12 of the whole cake still only has approx. 100 calories. I usually go easy on the sugar. We prefer to have some maple syrup poured on top if we feel that it is not sweet enough.

You need:

Preheat oven 140C (285 F)
2 Plates to match the form in size
Spring form
one of those fantastic rubber forms with a glass base where you can leave it on.

3 Quark 250g (usually in the cheese shelves)
3 Eggs medium-large
120g sugar preferably fruit sugar
30g corn flower
150ml milk
1/2 TBS natural Orange extract
1 TBS natural Vanilla extract
1 TBS lemon juice
tin raspberries - strained

- tastes nice with Morello Cherries as well

protein bomb
low fat
Duration:1 hour 30 mins

This time the stuff is rather creamy, so no tin foil needed given your form is reasonably tight.

  • Start the oven on 140C (285 F)
  • Strain raspberries
  • Mix eggs and sugar to a frothy cream
  • Add all the rest except the raspberries and mix to cream
  • Roughly swirl in the raspberries
  • Pour into form
  • Put form into oven - middle layer - whatever the heat by now - wait until it reaches the 140C (285 F) again, and the lower to 120C (approx. 240F) for an hour.

The cake should start to become a bit brown on the top, but only a bit.

When finished leave it for a few minutes with the door half open and then carefully loosen the cake from the rim of the form and then let cool for a bit so that you can touch the form without mittens.

With a rubber form, just remove the rim. For metal forms remove rim of the form and place one plate upside down on the cake. Now turn the whole thing over. Be careful there might be a bit of liquid accumulating, remove the bottom of the form, place the second plate upside down on the cake, so that the cake is between the two plates now. Turn it back without pressing the cake too much. Now remove the top plate and the cake sits nicely the right way round on the plate that you put on second.

Let cool, and enjoy plain, with maple syrup, or whatever else you want to try it. I prefer it at room temperature so I usually pop my slice into the microwave for a few seconds, but that's your choice.

Keeps in the fridge for several days.

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