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Omega 3 was one of my best supplement discoveries of the past two years. It is that stuff that you usually would get when complying with the rule of 3 times oily fish per week. And there lies the hiccup! I don’t particularly like oily fish apart from the occasional salmon. Additionally I only eat three cooked meals per week and I’m not going to use them all for something that I don’t particularly like and that would wreck my calorie balance.

I knew about this fishy rule since a while, but didn’t know why it existed – hence not bothering. So here is a bit of chemistry around it from Wikipedia:

Omega 3 belongs to the group of unsaturated fatty acids (or unsaturated fats) which the body needs – as opposed to the saturated fats which for example occur in butter, ghee, tallow, lard, coconut oil, cottonseed oil, and palm kernel oil, dairy products (especially cream and cheese),  chocolate. Well, the body needs a bit of saturated fats as well, but not in the amounts we tend to eat them.

On a side note: don’t demonise the dairy products altogether, though. They are very useful stuff and I will write more about that later.

Back to the Omega 3: It does not only come in oily fish, but in olive oil and meat as well. But how much olive oil can a girl digest, and meat has the saturated fats as well, so doesn’t give a real head start to the Omega 3.

So OUT is the natural food and IN is the supplement!

You’ll find it in the supermarkets as fish-oil or Omega 3 and it’s a rather big gel capsule and the effect of this stuff is rather impressive. I learned about it from the BBC series ‘Truth About Food’ where they did an experiment with taxi drivers in London.

They wanted to find out if Omega 3 can reduce stress levels. So take some London taxi drivers, hire and actor to wind them up on the ride and secretly film them. Then ask them to take part in a dietary experiment, make them eat oily fish 3 times a week for 3 month, do the driving experiment again and compare.


After 3 month these guys had changed from swearing, red headed, veins swollen berserks into kind and customer friendly gentlemen. Next day I hit the shops.

And you won’t believe it! After something like a month dear hubby was the first to feel relieve – not because he took them as well, but because my PMS had settled. I still feel grumpier at times, not as witty, less inspired and more tired; but I don’t have to live it out anymore. It is as someone is standing on my breaks. The anger that usually comes with all the above has vanished to a great deal. Even when I had to wait for more than an hour at the airport check-in with the prospect of missing my flight I felt rather composed. I even had trouble writing a ranting article about it – I knew there was a drawback to that stuff…

Another thing that happened was that we had almost £2.000 stolen from our credit card. I had been shopping with my lovely goddaughter using my German credit card which didn’t have a pin, thus giving it to the cashier to swipe. Bad, bad thing to do!

Tip: tape off the 3 digits at the back of your card which you need to shop via internet.

Apparently the crooks took the gamble that foreigners wouldn’t check cards for a while and ordered tellys and computing stuff choosing late delivery to an industrial estate address for a Saturday. This way, they had unoccupied premises to wait for the parcels to arrive and then to vanish. Luckily hubby checked the account regularly, found out, stopped the delivery, the card, everything and filled in several forms to send off to banks to get the money transferred back.

During this process that lasted several days I’ve never seen my husband calmer. I know him since more than 25 years now, and I know that he wouldn’t be able to sleep well, that he would do anything else half-heartedly because his mind would be consumed by the thought of firstly, losing £2000 and secondly, the thought of the wrongfulness that is happening to him, and the helpless feeling of not being able to kick those guy’s rear.

Not this time! Nothing! Nothing nervous happened at all! It was more like: ‘Hmmm, you know what? They just stole £2000 from the German card, …hmmmm, let me see… yep, computing shop in Colchester… hmmm gotta do a few phone calls now.’

Half an hour later: ‘It’s all ok, I only have to fill in some forms, … ‘

What? That’s it? You - WE - get THAT amount of money stolen – even if we will get it back – you are supposed to be upset!!

There you are – Omega 3 will definitely stay in our supplement basket! And if you like oily fish – all the better, have as much as you like!

To a happier life!

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