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Race for Life 2008


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Incredible Ladies Team

Although Race for Life exists since more than a decade - it all started in 1994 - for me the 2008 run was a wonderful milestone.



Birthday Cake

One year ago I was in the same position as I believe a lot of women are in; I was close to chickening out... again. Since two years I wanted to join and always found a reason not to, and there was always this feeling of being a bit wimp-ish.

Eventually in 2007 I at least opened the website and when I saw that the date was bang on my birthday I considered it an Omen, took the credit card (£12.50 for admin overhead) and registered straight away. And to top it I decided to launch Incredible Ladies the same day.

Before we left the house the computer was on stand-by and when we came home I pressed the button even before taking a shower.

So this year was our first anniversary,
and we have come far.

Last year it was just me, this year we were a team of NineThreeQuarters - two in Cambridge, seven in Ipswich and a little girl due in August: bless mum, she did the walk in less than an hour!

Well, the aim is to at least make it to a team of 10 next year! And the prospect is good: Of the 9 ladies only two had done it before, and the others liked it so much that they already are starting to recruit.

So if you are reading this and you don't want to do it alone: Get in touch! We know now how to make it more fun than it is anyway!

This year we managed to raise more than thousand pounds by just asking people.

Next year we are planning for some fundraising events - we already discovered some skills in our gang which might come handy and we will have a lot of fun with that - Promised!

It turns out that as a group we raised more than we ever would have raised as individuals. It's just inspiring to have others doing the same. The ladies were astonished themselves how much they got together.

Well, it is needed! Last year alone Cancer Research UK spent £315 million on scientists, doctors, nurses and everything that is needed for research.

And in 2007 Race for Life managed to raise £40 million of that with help of women walking/running in 280 venues all over the UK. The important thing to remember is: These are annual figures. For £40 million one can pay a lot of salaries. If the money doesn't get raised they really would have to close down research programs.

Hence we definitely will be back next year!

With a bigger team,

more ideas

and hopefully much more money raised!


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