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Incredible Ladies going 'Race for Life'

This is our Race for Life - Team page

We did it! We smashed our target!



between the NINE of us


we raised

£ 1214.70




You all have been wonderful!

Thanks to your contributions our team of 9 managed to raise almost 1200 pounds which is an incredible achievement.

With help of your encouragement

the sky IS the limit!

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Team Members

Name City, Location
Date, Time
Fundraising Page

Rika Ipswich, Chantry Park
Sunday 8th June, 11AM

Rika is hosting the Incredible Ladies site, did Race for Life once before, and is hooked now!

Kirsty Cambridge, Jesus Green
Sunday 1st June, 11AM

Kirsty is 9 years old and the daughter of Jen. She is doing Race for Life for the first time, and is running the fundraising page for both of them.

Jen Cambridge, Jesus Green
Sunday 1st June,

Jen is dedicated mum of 3, one of whom is Kirsty. With the same dedication she is working for Salt Publishing. Jen did Race for Life before.

Please find her profile on MySpace.

Imola Ipswich, Chantry Park
Sunday 8th June, 11AM

Imola is one of the Ipswich Ladies and a keen runner, she already did two halfmarathons and promised Rika vigorous training sessions.

Ruo Hong

Ipswich, Chantry Park
Sunday 8th June, 11AM
Sponsorship page to be set up

Ruo Hong is keen to get in shape for the event, and determined to find the time between job and family.

Isabelle Ipswich, Chantry Park
Sunday 8th June, 11AM 

Isabelle got her second daughter 6 month ago, and is starting to claim bits of her life back now. Thanks for doing that by joining the team!

Iwona Ipswich, Chantry Park
Sunday 8th June, 11AM

Iwona boldly throws herself into the team, although not sure yet if running is a good idea. However, she might not be alone with this thought, and may want to team up with other IL who rather will enjoy a walk.

Dominique Ipswich, Chantry Park
Sunday 8th June, 11AM

Dominique had planned to run this year - however for a wonderful reason she will walk now. We all agree that running is not an option while carrying a little 6 month old pumpkin under the shirt. So she will be the core of our 'IL walking team'.

Claire Ipswich, Chantry Park
Sunday 8th June, 11AM

Claire is Rika's bodybuilding buddy and after having raised four kids determined to get back in shape. As she loves running she will be a great addition for the running team.

And apart from Jen and Kirsty who are running in Cambridge she is the one who is holding up the English flag in Ipswich.

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