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12th May 2008

by: Carine

I am a bit disappointed there is no picture of the place and of your clothes as I guess you took great care of what to wear to such a place.

R: Yes, you are right! I'm sorry for that. However, I couldn't help it as it was a dinner with business partners to which my boss had invited me and hubby.

So I was only wearing one of those small flat handbags which I didn't want to stuff with a camera, and as usual on occasions like those we all were in a rush, the meeting had ended late, some of the visitors had to leave for London on time and oneself doesn't want to be the cause of delay - and then it turned out that we all had to wait anyway.

However, in retrospect I wouldn't have wanted to take pictures anyway as the get-together was rather formal. Well, and the image from their website gives a pretty good idea.

Clothes wise I was dressed rather subtle - so I hope. The visitors were from the United Arab Emirates and as it was business related I thought it's better to tone it down a bit.

So I wore a log-sleeved blouse and a long brown skirt - nothing spectacular, I'm afraid. Although the skirt is rather nice with metal fibres woven in to make it look heavy and a bit shiny; the rest is a linen/cotton/viscose mix. This makes it a bit creased yet shapely and not too elegant. In the pic it looks a bit short but it is ankle length.

The top has a good pattern for when I want to avoid showing off muscles.

Promise! The next review I will prepare better.

Comment 20th May 2008

by: Carine

Thanks Rika. Great choice your brown skirt ;)

The park of the restaurant looks beautiful. Funny the bath next to the zebra sofa !

BTW, great banner for the Incredible Ladies. I hope you will have no rain for the 1st and the 8st June.

Good luck for the RfL team.

Comment on 'Knitting 21st Century Style?' - Networking
sent via email as IL-Newsletter March o8

24th March 2008

by: Rika

About the Importance of P.I.Fs

Another idea the networking workshop promoted and which I would like to share with you is about the importance of 'Passing it Forward - P.I.F.'

A lot of people don't like the idea of networking because it takes time: engaging with people, telephone calls, e-mails, party invitations... If you look at networks a bit more closely they are basically all the same: We all have our close relations and friends, then we have good and less good acquaintances, and then we have these people who we met at some place and for some reason got a business card of. It is just impossible to stay in touch closely with everybody to keep the relationships fresh and live.

However, P.I.F.s are a great way to do exactly that and to make the time invested worthwhile!

The trick is to pass forward a thought, an idea, a paper, a URL, a contact, ... to a person in you network - meaning your social and/or work environment - for  whom you think it might be beneficial. Imagine you would be looking for a painter, and you would have got a P.I.F. before, recommending one. How much time would that safe you?

P.I.F.s are brief! They don't have to be elaborate. Something like:


Subject: My P.I.F. for today!

Hi there,
thought you might be interested: .....# add your P.I.F.# ...
Hope you are well!


is sufficient. You even can have a template for that.

Nevertheless: You might be making someone's day, by sending just the information needed at that moment of time, and you are giving the recipient the feeling of being connected and important, because you remembered him/her. We all need that, don't we? A smile, a hello lights the day, as does a P.I.F.

It follows the old scout motto: Do at least one good deed a day! Well, send one P.I.F. per day

Additionally that makes a great storage box. If you might need the information one day and can't find it anymore, you might remember who you sent it to.

Whenever something trickles through your mailbox or your head: Pass it Forward!

Please send me your P.I.F.s!

This was sent before as an IL -Newsletter, if you would like to included into the mailing list please contact

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