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Although addressing physical strengs it is located here in the lifestyle section as this matter scratches on the surface of how we arrange our lives and with what we are willing to put up with.

Thread 2, 16/04/08

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I eventually found a training partner – no not a bodybuilder or power lifter – a ‘normal’ woman who was fed up of putting on the one or the other pound per year and about increasingly feeling like missing out on life. After some shy exchange of cordiality I offered to show her some exercises and now she jumped into my boat entirely and is doing the same training that I do.

Recently she told me that apparently her husband had been talking to a colleague about her new gym routine and this guy proclaimed: If this were my missus I would stop that straight away!


For me this little story wraps up nicely with what we are still dealing these days and what this forum will be about: Change of attitude!

What a sad character, not being able to live with a physically strong woman. Feeling threatened by muscle power it seems that this is all he has. We need to make our fellow man understand that we don’t want to make them redundant by gaining physical independence. We don’t need them to carry our shopping or get some stuff from the loft – although it’s nice if they would do that once in a while.

We need them as peers, as partners to raise our children and to aim for the same goals if not reaching for the same stars. However, I have a hunch that guys like those mentioned above can’t be changed anymore. We will have to count on the next generation - It’s our turn to be the role models.

Thanks to women like the ones here on this site we already have come far – but there is still some way to go! If there is anybody to walk that walk – it’s us! Off we go!

Give me your stories and experience. Are you hitting the brick wall at times? Did you manage to knock it down, and how? Bring on your ideas on what is needed to inspire and/or to make daily life easier.

Let this first thread be a brainstorm – meaning: Every thought is a valid thought!

Looking forward to your posts!


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