What I Pack for Summer Holidays!

Every time dear hubby travels he promises to make a list of what to take because something is ALWAYS missing - and he never does.

I love lists, so why not do it now. There is one each for the

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Hand luggage

For last year's trip to Fuerteventura I used a back pack since I was travelling in combat trousers and sneakers. This year I am intending to travel ladylike so I have the choice between my usual handbag and a computer bag with loads of compartments.

Travelling is always stressful for the luggage and I was so happy to eventually find a handbag that I like.

Thus I most likely will use the computer bag - I will look very business like. The colour matches my clothes better anyway and it has longer handles so I can carry it on the shoulder; always a good option for travelling.

So that's what goes in:

  1. Passport
  2. Travel confirmations/tickets (flight, train, hotel,...)
  3. Foreign currency
  4. My own currency, especially small bills and change for taxi, bus and tips
  5. Credit/debit card
  6. Tissues
  7. Lip balm
  8. Nose drops (to avoid headache in case the nose blocks on the flight)
  9. Liquids bag (small, transparent) for toothpaste, lip balm, ... for security (must be less than 100ml each)
  10. Cough candy (to avoid blocked ears on start and landing)
  11. Cream (one that goes as hand and face cream - aircon dries the skin out)
  12. Book
  13. Glasses
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Jewellery
  16. Mobile
  17. Camera
  18. Computer
  19. A snack bar because it's hols - oh joy - and one needs the energy to enjoy the trip
  20. Some water - you will have to dispose of it before security and buy new one after, hence the small change.
  21. If space allows: charging cables for electricals (in case suitcase gets lost)

    Depending on the flight duration and on how well I know the destination and shops available

    1. Scarf if I am not wearing a fleece anyway (especially overnight flights can get cold)
    2. Fluffy socks (to take off the shoes and have warm feet
    3. Emergency pack collected in a freezer zipper bag at the bottom of the hand luggage (don't forget to get the toothpaste out at the airport to show at security) in case the suitcase gets lost. Consisting of:
      1. brief
      2. small shirt, like tank top
      3. pair of socks
      4. small towel
      5. Toothbrush
      6. Toothpaste
      7. Extra freezer bag for dirty/wet stuff

    Well, and the things I do not need but some of you might:

    1. Contraception pill
    2. Important medication

    (never in the suitcase in case it gets lost


    Somebody is a bit in the way.
    I am packing more white hair than anything else!


    Oh, that is difficult because it so much depends on the type of holidays. Mine will be very casual during the day, there is a beach and there are sport facilities. In the evenings there will be a bit of dressing up. The biggest load always are the shoes - beach, casual, sport, nice... So it is essential to choose the clothes in a way that is a good mix and match.


    1. Dresses, Skirts and trousers which go with the same pair of shoes
    2. Hangers for the dresses
    3. Shoes
    4. Shirts / blouses which mix and match with skirts and trousers
    5. Cardigan or light blazer
    6. Scarf (an evening breeze on the terrace can be rather uncomfortable - and it looks good)
    7. Tights / socks
    8. Belts
    9. Small handbag
    10. Jewellery

    The dresses have matching cardigans and with a magic scarf I'm fine in any weather!

    All there is missing are three shirts which only got washed recently and are still on the hanger and the wash bag.


    1. Briefs
    2. Bras
    3. Night gown (well a big T-shirt for me, I'm travelling with my mum after all)


    1. Trainers
    2. Socks
    3. Shirts
    4. Pants
    5. Gloves
    6. Training book
    7. Favourite hair band, cap, shield


    1. Shoes
    2. Bikini / bath suit
    3. sarong or beach dress
    4. Beach bag
    5. Some sort of hat

    Day time

    1. Comfy shoes (trainers?)
    2. Socks
    3. Shorts or comfy skirt
    4. Possibly comfy trousers
    5. T-Shirts / Tanks
    6. Cardigan
    7. Headgear
    8. Scarf (if you are active and sweat a bit, and then should get in a shady place with wind, it's nice to have one)
    9. Small back pack

    Other Necessities!

    Wash bag

    I won't take any make up - I am tempted to, but I want to travel light. So it's more the necessities that go into the wash bag.

    1. Tooth brush
    2. Tooth paste
    3. Comb, brush
    4. Shampoo
    5. Aloe Vera gel (for sun burn, tight skin and as hair conditioner - best stuff ever, will buy new supplies on the island)
    6. Face cream
    7. Deodorant
    8. Body Lotion
    9. Sun Lotion
    10. Nail care set (basic, for emergencies)
    11. panty liners, tampons, press on towels (travel can mix up things, so I like to be prepared)
    12. Cotton buds
    13. My vitamins for the week
    14. Hair bands and clips
    15. Shaving stuff

    Electric Accessories

    They are a nuisance but one can't do really well without them. One wants to use a mobile, a camera (this time just the small one) and now I am even travelling with computer. Thus I need:

    • Chargers for
      • Camera
      • Mobile
      • Computer
      • Shaver (if an electric cable one is used)

        all basically preferred in the hand luggage but it might be just too much and has sometimes to go into the suitcase

    • USB cable to connect camera to computer
    • Loads of adapters for European sockets
    • Hair dryer (I don't need one as it is supplied - check with the hotel)

    Medicine Bag

    • Paracetamol
    • Diarrhea medicine
    • Plaster
    • cough drops

    And now,... it's just a matter of wait and see.

    I will let you know what I forgot this time!

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    I think Bimmel has adopted your house and your family  ;)  He behaves as
    if he was at home. You have also adopted him as you gave him a name  :) 
    Your scarf is "funny"
    If I were you, I would put all the chargers and the usb cable in my
    handbag just in case your suitcase got lost forever. It could be
    difficult and take time to find matching chargers and cable.
    In your handbag section, you should maybe tell that you will put your
    lip balm, toothpaste, cream, and nose drop (less than 100ml each) in a
    transparent plastic bag to show at the security toll; and that the
    water bottle is only useful when traveling from your home to the
    Some people also take paracetamol and diarrhea treatment in their
    suitcase just in case.
    No book or magazine for the plane? Do you plan to play, watch a DVD,
    or write during the flight?
    Maybe you should also take a small back pack just in case you walk/do
    some sport (driving a water sky "bike" again?) with your mother.


    Maybe, this trip would be the good time to start your twitter ...
    I also hope that you will have a wifi connection at your hotel to have
    an online webcam report from the swimming pool  ;) 
    Maybe, it is not a great idea to take your laptop with you as you will
    not make a clean break from computers. I hope, at least, that there
    will be a vault in your room to have your mind free from the thieves.
    Have fun with your mum. Recharge your "batteries" with energy and sun
    (I was feeling better when back from Morocco because of the sun I saw
    Bring back some sun  :)  (here is gray, rainy, windy, and maybe snowy
    later in the week)
    Take care, kisses
    Have a afternoon tea with the ladies.

    Posted by: Carine Date: 23/01/09

    I will update the list with your suggestions. I am lucky because my mum has a backpack, but you are right: A light backpack can become a live saver - as does paracetamol and diarrhea medicine, especially if you don't know the country and the language well.

    And yes! There will be wifi - It's more a matter of how often mum will let me to access it... So I got me the suggested Twitter account on: http://twitter.com/RikaNauck for quick updates. Hope it'll work out as planned!

    Posted by: Rika Date: 24/01/09

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