Incredible List of Rules

Writing for this site made me analyse what actually happended the past three years, which strategies I chose to get to the bottom of things and how I used this knowledge to build my new lifestyle, having to realise that I was after a new lifestyle in the first place.

At first my goals had a lot to do with an obsession about age and looks and then moved on to an obsession with health. Well it didn't actually move on it sort of all merged together.

However, a lot of the measures I took are suitable for general use: Finding the time and the space, saving up some money, combining work and private life, finding out what you actually want. That is nothing sport or health specific. My path led me into the gym and my kitchen, while your path might lead you into an artists studio, nature, other countries or whatever your passion is. Although this list of rules was accrued during my experience, I'm sure there is lot of it that applies to everybody who wants to achieve something new.

Some of the rules are taken from other sections, so you will find their links here, while the more general ones will be listed here. This is a list that will grow over time and might get a bit confusing. Please let me know whether or not you were able to find what you are looking for.

Write a lot of lists like the one in 'Bringing it together'

The Make-over rules

Health Tips

Rika's Personal Rules
How to go to the toilet
When you are going shopping in a food store then 'Shop the Perimeter of the Store'. All the processed food, biscuit and crisp stuff is in the middle aisles. So if you are not zigzagging through the shop but going round the outer line you catch the fruits and veg, the dairies, the fresh meat and fish, close your eyes and nose at the bakery department, grab some tinned tomatoes and honey without taking the trolley into the aisle, straight through to the unchilled juices and mueslis, then the tissues and the cleaning materials, a bit of pet food there you are - you didn't even see the chocolates. Oh well. probably your shop has the pet food first and the juices then, but have a look where your danger aisles are. Going round and only stepping in for a particular item is the safest bet.
Traing - Basic Rules

Articles on Lifestyle

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Eureka Moments
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Internet and Branding
Brilliant Business Women
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Bringing it together
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Time Management
Relationships: Cliché!?
Incredible List of Rules

The Invention of Lying

Nerds VS. Dilettantes
Knitting 21st Century Style
A Network Is A Home
Serious Game
Networking Strategy

Milsoms - Kesgrave Hall
Court Restaurant London

Techie Stuff
IL and the Internet


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Fuerteventura 2009
Travel Diary
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Fuerteventura 2008
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Fuerte - What else?

Tuebingen 2008
A Day out in Town
The Gallery

Natural History Museum
What I Pack
Lowestoft Airfestival

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