People say that I am obsessed about my legs. Oh well, I am obsessed about my legs, but they say that I am obsessed for no good reason, while I can see about 3kg of good reason to be obsessed about.

It all is a matter of perspective: They might truly think that I am already looking rather good, at least when wrapped up in nice clothes, and they might feel less threatened when they find out about my flaws giving them the opportunity to excuse theirs. Or they just want to be polite!

Ahh please, polite is really worse than anything else!

I once got a desperate email from an Indian lady complaining about her tummy and being deeply embarrassed. I saw pictures of her and she looked gorgeous. She was young and had this beautiful plump skin and admittedly a bit of a belly, but nothing I would consider a serious problem.

However, telling her that she is just imagining the problem wouldn’t make it go away, would it? She just hated that bit of flesh as much as I hate the wobbly bits on my legs. So in acknowledging her problem, giving her my point of view that it doesn’t look as bad for others as it does for her, and hence no rush for drastic action is needed, and then giving her some advice on how to tackle the matter, made her eventually feel taken seriously and inspired to do something about it.

Not too bad, eh?

So this was my state of mind when I got this email from ChrisW: “I would like to make a ‘strong woman’ photo shoot with you.”

Oh my goodness, how great is that and how…scary! From this moment on all I could think of was: ‘LEGS’. See, that happens when one is a bit crafty and only puts the nice pictures on the Internet. All my legs are either nicely wrapped or creatively cropped off.

This poor man! When I accepted he seemed to be thrilled and all my emails trying to explain my problem ended on deaf ears. See, my upper body is pretty close to perfect, or at least what I ever wanted to achieve, and now everybody is assuming that the legs are of a similar quality.

Well, at first he thought that I have an age problem – no, I have these darn legs since forever. Then he thought I was worried about his photographic skills – no, I wasn’t; it’s only hard to not photograph something that is very prominently there.

Additionally I know a tiny bit about photography myself. To show off muscle one needs to show the depth of the ridges created by the muscle. This is done by getting the light rather harsh so that the shadows the muscles are throwing are as big and dark as possible. Unfortunately that works for wobbly bits as well. For those areas one wants to have very soft light that doesn’t create shadows at all. Even in the studio that is almost impossible to achieve.

Sorry Chris, but this inspired me to write a column on: ‘You don’t know a lot about women, do you?

All I wanted and needed to shut me up was a phrase like: I understand where you are coming from, but don’t worry, I am sure we can work around the problem.

Luckily I already was on the sugar experiment for four weeks by then and had lost a few pounds. The two winters before I had been fallen into the fitness trap suggesting that I am so fit that I can have the one or the other treat.

By Easter 2009 it became obvious that I couldn’t. I had been snacking myself almost two dress sizes up.

... and what a disappointment!

The upper still looked good, but the legs were the same mess than before, and when I realised that my new dear photographer friend wouldn’t understand: That was when I skipped some principles on dieting and managed to get down another dress size by the time we met.

Put the whole thing together

I will be eternally grateful to him! Firstly he is a very kind man who has a talent for putting his models at ease. Secondly for the incentive he gave me. I always wanted to have strong, muscly legs and I know how to get them, but in all my 48 years the wish alone apparently never was enough to make it happen. It seems that was a goal too far in the future. I needed this mile stone although I knew that I wouldn’t be ‘there’ by the time we met, on the other hand: When would I be ready? I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, I might need another year and Chris might have lost interest by then.

The opportunity was now!

That was when I realised: We need incentives, we need these in-betweenies which help us go, but we are however all too often afraid to set these mile stones. We might get pitied or questions for the flaws we still have instead of getting praised for the achieved. I’m sure we all have these stories from our child and teenage years when we were so proud of something we had learned and then everybody is taking that for granted only picking on the things we can’t do yet. I could fill a book with stories like this.

You know what? These days are over!

We are adults now. We are calling the shots. So let’s set the milestones and be proud of the achieved. At least we know we are on our way.

And here it is: Rika – The whole package, stage July 2009

Outcome by September:

  • Lost another dress size and hence am back to the stage July 2007. Although with a better shape, all the gym work throughout the two years definitely is paying off.
  • Investigating new care products to help the skin to tighten up – which actually is a nice problem to have. Will keep you posted on this one.
  • Had one binge weekend on long holiday weekend in Germany and could easily revert back to my diet without cravings
  • … feeling good and eventually am sure that I will get there… probably not entirely by February, though!

My new mile stones:

  • Holidays at Fuerteventura end of January 2010
  • Dear Chris has agreed to do another shoot early spring next year.

That gives me another half year to work those darn legs… and to sail safely around the Christmas cliffs.

And now people keep saying: But you are depriving you of all the fun in life.

C’mon guys… as if eating is the only fun. I like doing my sport, I like doing my web stuff, I like my husband, … whoops, maybe I should have chosen a different order… and the biggest pleasure I will have when ‘My Legs’ slip into those ridiculously high gladiator sandal heels and look just gorgeous – I hope a photographer will be around then!

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