Question: Why is nobody listening to me?

Well, not everybody is not listening, but a lot of people who probably should, don’t. I am not saying that they instantly should act on what they would hear, but they at least could lend me an ear, especially if it were them asking me in the first place.

I had an incident recently which made it very apparent that people usually only listen to what they want to hear and I am hoping that I am not one of them. So this is the story:

You may know by now that I was about two stone more about 6 years ago with the main weight clinging to the rear, and even worse the legs including the knees and the ankles. I already have sorted the top bit and the legs are much better already, but still far from where I want to be. So during my last holidays with my mum at a club resort, the my poor mum already had endured my envious moaning for quite a while – oh my, so many beautiful legs on show, and even fat people have lovely ankles – when at dinner I met a lady who, from the looks of it, has a very similarly shaped below to mine.

Thanks to Trinny and Susannah I have learned to hide this shape quite well, but on a beach holiday there is no escaping from reality. It turned out that this lady is 65 and has quite some problems with the legs for a while now, which at times are very painful. She is wearing support stockings most of the time and now it having lymphatic drainage treatment which seems to help a bit. So she urged me to get my legs checked and treated as she was reckoning that I was on the same slippery slope that she had been some years ago, and she would have wished to have taken action earlier.

So far so good! I think it is really nice of her to give me a warning. That is what I am doing all the time: Trying to make people aware of things. So I thoroughly appreciated here care and advice, and I will be vigilant in observing and considering.

However, I have a few pennies to add to the matter myself. My varicose veins appeared about 10 years ago and were nicely packed into fat, so I didn’t really see them. Then I lost some of the fat and those babies popped out, getting slowly but surely worse. When I went back to the gym I heard all sorts of advice like walking is good, running is not – hence I tried it out and found that walking is good and running makes no difference. The same with bodybuilding: Some were worried about the pressure building up in the vessel system; I however know that good muscles are a massive factor in keeping the vessel system healthy.

Then I gradually changed my diet, and healthier food and especially less sugar and salt had a positive impact on the swelling of legs and veins. Additionally I learned about Horse Chestnut and since four years I am taking pills every single day.

The result is that since about five years the veins have not grown and no new ones appeared. Since about three years, which is about a year after I started taking the chestnut pills, the veins are even receding; something that people keep telling me is not possible. Hubby however confirms the effect, so I am not making this up.

Given all the above I can truly say that I have a bit of experience and my verdict is that reducing the weight by means of continuous good diet and the right sport, in addition to horse chestnut can have a positive long term effect on the legs.

See, and now comes the part of the story which I don’t understand. My experience is a positive one. I am suggesting remedies that have proven successful at least once. The story of the lady however, was about stuff that has not worked, and about stuff she is doing right now and of which she is not sure if it will be working. When I wanted to tell her about my ways I got only one response to each of the steps I took: “Oh no, I am already through with that!”


A weak vessel system in the legs is a chronic matter. It cannot be healed, it can only be held at check. So how can one be through with a treatment? I will be taking these pills until the day I die. I now know they are strengthening the walls of the vessels but as soon as I stop, I will be back to square one. I will walk, row and bodybuild until I fall over dead, because if I stop I will lose those muscles which help pump the blood, and I will always keep and eye on my diet. These are measures one never will be ‘through with’.

When we met at dinner that night she picked up the subject again, urging me to see a doctor straight away and starting to wear pressure socks. And then something happened that made me happy and proud – although telling it, means showing off horribly...

She said: “See, I told my the same to my daughter, I am guessing, like her, you are approaching the 40 now...” and when I told her that I am approaching the 50, her eyes widened, she said ‘Wow’ and then shut up.

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