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Incredible Ladies

The Incredible Ladies website is the start of something of which I hope will become a home for many of you for years to come and I would like to see it evolving into whatever you want it to evolve into. ...

Keywords: lifestyle guide, dream, respect, young, old, achieve, achieving

About the Site
When I got this idea for the site I just liked this name: Incredible Ladies! It expresses everything what I think women are. Yeah, boys - you are alright as well. And this site is not meant to be an attack on your manhood...
Keywords: men, gentlemen, lifestyle guide,
Future Plans
I would like to see Incredible Ladies as an enterprise and not just as a web site - A movement that reaches women of all ages across the planet. In the intro I said this is the place to dream. Here's what I am dreaming about...
Keywords: enterprise, world wide, power, movement, experience
...private people telling their story about what charity activities they are involved in.
Keywords: cancer research UK, Race for Life
Find the email adresses of all the contributers and helpers.

Updates and More

Site Diary
Weekly updates on what has happened and what we are planning.
Finding Things
I'm very sorry, but Incredible Ladies doesn't have a search engine which can look through the site to find stuff for you. So I created some lists which you hopefully will find helpful:
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Here I will list the articles with somewhat 'flesh to the bone' information
My Questions
All my questions where I'm hoping that you might have the answers to!



Here I would like to tell you about 'Incredible Ladies' catching up and doing things together. ... It's about having fun together and getting to do things which we normally wouldn't do alone. ...wherever you are in the world - doing similar things, let us know about it.

Keywords: Charity, restaurants, mischiebous things, courses, pempering, trips

Ipswich Ladies
Ladies in the Ipswich area. Visitors welcome ...
Keywords: Afternoon Tea Party, restaurant research, charity activities, movie reviews, testing spa facilities,
Afternoon Tea
Monthly Open House Afternoon Tea Party ... no confirmation needed
Keywords: meeting, tea, chatting, fun, bring kids,
Updates on what the Ipswich Ladies are thinking about, having planned and already have done
Training Club
Not up and running yet, but might come out of the mischief planning!
Keywords: sport, together, support
Training Club Diary
Not up and running yet
Book Exchange
Get rid of unwanted books and get new ones ... Probably write reviews
Keywords: Books, read, write, review
Waiting for more groups from all over the world to join the site and send their stories!


Body & Mind / Health

Body & Mind
There might be - no, I'm sure there will be - a lot of you disagreeing with what I'm about to say, and if you were face to face with me you would be shouting by now. I'll say it anyway: I don't think that there are spiritual or esoteric things going on. It's all down to chemistry! ...
Keywords: ancestors, instinct, intuition, control, chemistry, hormones, spirit, body, mind
Insight - Articles
Seasonal Nuisances
... And all of a sudden something that I knew, that everybody knows, which even has become a cliché, hit home. Now that I looked at everything in a more analysing way I realised HOW rubbish these adverts are....
Keywords: New Year resolution, advertisments, TV, lifestyle
There is one emotion which I believe is THE one that keeps us from growing up, achieving things we only dare dreaming of in a silent minute when nobody is around, and which keeps us from letting loose of things we can't change anyway. In my eyes it is the most powerful of all ...
Keywords: Embarrassment, emotion, laucgh, joke,
You Can't Cheat the Sandman
Well, it's gone! I ate it... all of it... the whole kilo in 3 days!I'm embarrassed, but it was soooo good. Firstly this is my favourite type of cake, and it's only on the market around Christmas. ...To cut a long story short: Lack of sleep means more greed for calorie rich food, ...
Keywords: lack of sleep, cortisol, stress, growth hormone, fat, muscle, greed, burning, activity, time management
The Way We Are
Actually, it's less about ‘What we Are’ it’s more about ‘What we think we are’. We think that the way a doctor would see us describes ‘What we Are’. Measuring this and that – and then...
Keywords: idols, memories, memory, body image, measure, self esteem, apple, pear, fat, truth
Stupid Hormones
Oh, don’t get me started on those buggers!  God has to be a man, otherwise the reproduction process would have been organised differently. On one hand I’m blessed. I never had much pain and trouble with menstruation and now that my 'best by' date has expired I'm loosing fat ...
Keywords:chocolate, greed, bloat, tired, fatigue, hormone, menstruation
Happy Bunny
Great!' - you might think – 'Another person, another site telling me what or what not to do'. To loose weight, to do sports, to eat more healthily,…This site is not about telling you, or telling you off. It is about motivating...
Keywords: transformation, inside, outside, change, surface, brain
Sometimes it's hard
You want to loose weight? Find more time for yourself? Catch up on old skills? Welcome to the page of truth.
Keywords: determination, selfishness, honesty, patience, change, friends, socialising
Fables, Poems, Parables
Live and Let Live
What we can learn from cats.
Keywords: bullies, territory, ignorance
Monk and the Traveller
The information two travellers get from a monk is the same, but yet so different.
Keywords: positive attitudce
Flying Chicken
Keywords: confidence, self assessment
A Little Tale
There is this cute little tale of a farmer, his son and a donkey. They are going to the market on a lovely warm day the son riding the donkey while the farmer is walking. ...
Keywords: confidence, decision, decide, pull, pulling strings, donkey, farmer, market
About Health
Please be aware that these articles and tips come from myself or members of the site community. They are not backed up by a health professional. So whenever you want to try a treatment described here please check with your GP first.
Health Tips
Tips on various things like eye creams and nose drops...
Keywords: eye cream, nose drop, feet, foot, shoe
Meeting the Doctors
I always found going to the doctors a bit scary. What is very weird! When I’m feeling bad and there is someone who could potentially help me, I should happily and gratefully be jumping into this person’s arms. However, whenever I’m with a doctor I feel a little bit as if it’s my fault that I’m sick...
Keywords: doctor, homeopathy, diagnosis, diagnose, informed patient, syndrome, acute problem, illness,
Going To The Bathroom
Going to the bathroom is easy. You go there, open the door, enter, close the door and there you are!After that: Only you know. Oh these euphemisms! It’s supposed to be a silent business and preferably an untraceable one these days. I’m always happy if there is some music in public toilets...
Keywords: toilet paper, bowls, guts, intestins, bathroom, loo, poo, dehydration, haemorrhoids, sourdough, pressure, bloated

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion ...
We will have articles addressing certain issues like size 0 models, the importance of accessorising, and many more. So if you would like me to write about a certain matter and if you have some input for it - Write on, Ladies! This can be about fashion disasters, your dream outfit, your opinion about my articles, shoes, accessories, ...
Keywords: dream, fashion disaster, shoes, accessories,
Fashion - What is it?
... 3 years ago I definitely wasn’t fashionable, good grief – I was more than the opposite. And I never got compliments. Nowadays I’m not really fashionable either, but I get complimented quite a lot. So there must be something in-between 'fashionable' and 'unfashionable'. I would like to call it 'Personal Style'. ...
Keywords: fashion, style, show colour, season, shoes
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes
Oh I love shoes! I always loved them. But when I gained weight my a little bit square feet became even more square, in every dimension possible, reducing the choice immensly. ... I'm such a blessed girl, because now I have a health reason for buying shoes! ...
Keywords: winter shoes, sandals, heals, comfy, comfortable, healthy, frumpy, outfit
Whose fault is it?
... I saw a documentary on 'Size Zero Models'. ... The task: To live on 500 kcal per day for 8 weeks and to follow a tough exercise regime at the same time.Wow, did she go down hill! ...
Keywords: : size zero, 0, superslim, Dawn Porter, model agency, agencies, designer, celebrity, celebreties, fashion show, Chanel
... & Beauty
...Beauty wise I'm struggling along like the most of us, I guess. There are so many tips out there, some silly, some great, some are working for me some are not, but they do for others. Tricky business that!, ...
Keywords: make up , grooming
From Fluff to Buff
Whenever there is something on the telly about hair removal: I’m clinging to it! It is a rather queasy and a bit of a scabrous subject and whenever somebody is talking openly about it I’m not to miss it, by no means! ...
Keywords: hair removal, shave, epilate, electrolysis, laser, wax, beauty, bikini line, ingrown
From Fluff to Buff - The Sequel
When I wrote the last comment on this issue, saying that I would get more info about laser treatment I meant something like: Pulling through with the waxing as planned, going in holidays and when I would be back, then... I might ...
Keywords: hair removal, laser, wax, pain,


You are as young as you feel! This is the kind version, usually it's 'you are as old as you feel'. Yeah well, but if I'm feeling old, what can I do to make myself feel younger? A lot of this site is about looks because that is what I was after. I wanted to look better. What I actually got in the end was VITALITY. ... I found that changes on the outside are done rather easily. And it's this dealing with your outside that sneakily starts doing some things to your inside as well. ...
Keywords: inside, outside, dream, reality
Knitting 21st Century Style
Ladies, I have it officially now! Please tell your husbands and boyfriends: We need to meet more often! I was at a workshop. Yep! Me! Usually not the workshop kind of person, but this one I took… and it was – GOOD! ...
Keywords: networking, connecting, influence, inspiration, inspire
...We can have it all these days, we actually are supposed to have it all these days; and then we have some dreams of what we actually want to achieve, and while trying to get there, we are all struggling along and take on the tasks as they fall into our laps. By the time we have achieved the one or the other thing, we already think that it’s all normal, ...
Keywords: confidence, skill, sanity of mind
Bringing it together
So you have noticed that you are not really unhappy, but not really happy either. That you want to change something, but you are not sure what that is. You may have tried a few things but they didn't really work?I will not promise you a quickfix, I don't believe there are any. ... But I can promise you this: If you take it step by step, ...
Keywords: quality time, list, goals,
Incredible List of Rules
Writing for this site made me analyse what actually happended the past three years, which strategies I chose to get to the bottom of things and how I used this knowledge to build my new lifestyle, having to realise that I was after a new lifestyle in the first place. ...
Keywords: Make-over, health, how to..., training
Money, Money, ...
Oh money, never enough! This section is still to be built up.
Time Management
I used to work from 8 to 1 PM, but since I am running the Incredible Ladies I need longer slots in the afternoons to concentrate on what I want to write. So I changed my working hours ... This doesn’t seem to gain a lot but for me the change is dramatic. ...
Keywords: time, attitiude, plan, planning, flexibility, routine, freedom
I’m the mistress of unfinished stuff! ... And there she was: A lady about my age probably a bit younger, ... And this passion had transformed her ...
Keywords: transformation, obsession, failure, success
Reflection - Bringing it together: Part 2
I felt a bit like a scatter brain recently and the one or the other self doubt sneaking through the back door into my mind ...
Keywords: review, list, time, sport, grooming, day job, food, fashion, hormones, stop
...This 'finding ways' is what creativity is about. It occupies your mind and explores neural pathways never tried before. It has to find connections between knowledge which you never realised before. It has to dig out knowledge that has long been forgotten, some of it for a good reason....
Keywords: routine, spontaneous, spontaneity, explore, boredom, time, daily task

Nutrition / Recipes

This section is deliberately called 'Nutrition' and not 'Food' or 'Diet'. There will be articles about what is usually called 'Dieting' and hot issues like 'Size 0', but Nutrition is so much more. And please remember this is not a site about becoming slim. ...
Keywords: brain, binge, senses, ancestors
Let's Get Started
... Eating should be something we just do! If we are using our 'gut feeling' we should be able to know what is good for us. That’s why 'gut feeling' is used as a term for knowing instinctively. Animals can do that. Why don’t we? ...
Keywords: ancestors, detox, sugar, salt, sour dough, meat, grazer
Ration Rule of Thumb
... So well, than let me try to get you off the counting of calories. I know, weirdly enough I'm talking a lot about calories to get rid of them, and all the people who never fell into the trap of counting calories shouldn’t actually read this. ...
Keywords: graze, units, shopping, calories
I'm a big fan of food supplements. It all started with Vit C when I stumbled over a self help book called ... Sometimes a girl has to get lucky: This became the book that has influenced my life the most! ...
Keywords: Vitamins, Mineralls , fruit, veg,
Vit C
... Vit C plays a major role in many metabolic systems of the body, which to an extend feed back into one another. In other words: Vit C sticks it's nose into almost every game that is played in the body, ...
I'm famous for my infamous kitchen inventions. I just love cooking...
Prawn Indulgence - Movie
Lattuce and even more
Voluptuous Lettuce
Lettuce and more
Flavoured Olive Oil
Quickfix for a lot of things
Weird Cheesecake
I know this kind of baked cheesecake from Germany, ... When I was looking for a protein bomb to support our new muscly lifestyle I re-invented it ...
Wicked Chicken Bun
I invented this recipe because I needed something to go nicely on sandwiches. At that time we had a lot of ham which firstly contains a lot of salt, secondly is rather expensive and thirdly is red meat. Looking for alternatives ...
Flavoured Olive Oil
The thing I can't live without anymore. Quick dressing and yummy spice for all sorts of dishes.
Keywords: olive oil, garlic, spices
Voluptuous Lettuce
I love to invent recipes and those lettuce arrangements are irresistable. Although not as short of calory as one might want to wish for they are healthy and versatile.
Keywords: lettuce, potato, pasta, bulgur, Feta cheese, shrimp, chicken, veggy version


Welcome to the dreaded - Ugh, moving my body - section. ... No, No, No, Ladies! That's not how we do sport. We won't wear the T-shirts which are too old and baggy for work. And we won't wear hubby's shirts either. ...


What Sport to Choose?
... Let's approach the matter from looking at what you want to achieve by doing sport. The first question to answer would be:What do you want from sport? ...
Keywords: fitness, endurance, intervall, heart rate, fat burning,
An Experiment
There is one bit that I hate the most which causes the biggest trouble: The ankles! ...I got an idea! I’m not very keen on cardio vascular exercises at the moment. So I’m going to use my Saturday morning cardio session for calf exercise. And I’m going to do power walking!
Keywords: calf exercise, cardio, weight, machine, varicose veins, updates
Good Use for Chocolate
...So I firstly want to be awake and fit and secondly I don’t want to have food swashing around with every step. I once thought I had eaten and drunk early enough, but apparently I hadn’t – I felt like a cocktail shaker. Ooompf! ...
Keywords: chocolate, training, sport, hunger, hungry, energy, food, timing
Race for Life 2008
Topping up on 2007 and building an IL-Team
Keywords: competition, rowing, indoor,
Rowing League 07/08
The winter season stretches over 5 month from October to February. Each month the teams will have to compete and then submit the results online. The 'Team League' is basically part ...
Keywords: competition, rowing, indoor,
Imola: MH 10K, 07
Glorious day! .... It is called Marthlesham Heath 10K, but there is a 'Fun Run' of just one lap starting at the same time. So there were a lot of kids and 'normal' people like you and me running as well.
Keywords: race,
Rika: Race for Life, 07
This was such a brilliant experience! ... Once we were through the start gate there was plenty of space and no crowding whatsoever. Everybody could walk or run the chosen pace.
Keywords: charity
Being Strong
I always wanted to be strong. When my parents had the village shop I loved to get stuff from the storage to bring it to the store. ...
Keywords: Posture, hourglass, weights, needs
Why Muscles?
I’ve praised the benefits of having muscles on various occasions already, but as we are getting serious about the exercises now – 450 pictures are waiting to be put into place – I want to wrap this up again and make a little list. ...
Keywords: benefits, body, mind, osteoporosis, fat, skin, metabolic rate,
Lucky Number 12
Ladies are always told to train less intense than guys although they grow muscle tissue less well due to lack of testosterone. In any other discipline, at school or at work the person who is less capable or qualified is encouraged to work harder and more to achieve the same goals like the others. Only in weight exercises women are told to use flimsy weights ...
Keywords: goal, achieving, breathing, distraction, handling weight, training diary, set, repetition, training unit, plan
Exercise guide for a glorious look! An overall guide to shoulder exercises, covering the 3 muscle heads of the shoulder: Front, middle, back
Keywords: deltoid, head, muscle, lateral, lift, fly, dumbbell, barbell, cable
Exercise guide for a sublime appearance! An guide to train rear, upper and lower legs.
Keywords: hamstring, squat, calves, calf, buttocks, glutes, home exercises, video
Being Fit
... Oh yes, and then the dreaded jogging sessions, first with my parents in the woods around my home, then later on the sports ground of the University or around the little lake where we used to live. Until there was a guy with his pants down what scared me off running in the nature. Probably I was even happy not having to run anymore. I was fit then, but I didn'd enjoy it a bit. So, what has changed?I know a lot more!My attitude towards fitness has changed. ...
Keywords: fitness, endurance
I just came back from my first endurance rowing training and am so happy about it that I didn’t even take a shower, but went straight to the computer. ...
Keywords: endurance, resistance, health, technique, cardio, fitness,



When I was a child my mum couldn't help but laugh when she saw me doing some work while talking loudly to myself in the meantime. ... And now I have found a new outlet. I will just write everything down. I hope you will enjoy my little stories ...

Oh No, not again!
I meant to be a good girl, really! All I wanted to do was to deliver the IL-Flyers to nyx&HollyBlue and leave. ...
Keywords: shopping, belt,
Wrongly Wired
... I felt worse by the day. And every night when I didn’t sleep well I told myself to stop it, and every morning the smell of Nutella cream, fresh bread and cakes was killing me.And that’s why I’m asking myself: When did it happen that my brain wiring went so wrong? ...
Keywords: hunger, appetite, greed, sleep mood
IAPU (farce)
We all are influenced by others, and not just by what they are telling us directly, but as well by what we observe on them.
Keywords: anticipation, perception, pre-emptive action empathy, relationship
How Embarrassing
Good grief, and I thought I were grown up by now. But you have to admit: Pharmacies are a bit open plan, aren’t they?
Keywords:Embarrassing, haemorrhoid
I once was told that one can’t improve without taking on challenges. Well, I just had taken on a new job and felt, that for my taste this was enough of a challenge ,,,
Keywords: experience, feelings, anxiety, risk
Homage to Monica
Since I joined the rowing team competition I had a few weird encounters with myself. It all started when I told a friend about it, ...
Keywords: control freak, controlling, pumpkin, obsession, obsessed, showing off, show off
I'm on Strike!
Whenever I’m turning on the telly there is some other bad news about some environmental issue, or some blinkered self proclaimed recycling specialist is patronizing another family ...
Keywords: environment, recycling, carbon
Humble Pie
The person who is without guilt may throw the first stone, but I believe that most of us consider the modelling business as superficial and people working as models ...
Keywords: model, food, smart, grooming, posing, tan
We Had It All
My first reaction was a cringe face on imagining myself running naked through the middle of London. And then it all came back to me, ...
Keywords: 80's , naked, flashmob, embarrassed
What's the Worst...?
...Me stupid old cow had this great experience from my teenage years and apparently I hadn’t learned a thing. What on earth could happen if we would just give in and behave a bit different than the others? ...
Keywords: music, laugh, fun, example
Creams and Ointments
Sometimes I think that one day not too far in the future I won’t be able to fit in my bathroom anymore ...
Keywords: spa, bath, soap


Not running yet

Incredible Stories

Incredible Stories

This is the place where dreams have come true and goals have been achieved. Here you will find the inspiring stories of people like you and me ...

Keywords: limitation, dream, reality, goals

Short Stories
Lisa - Lady on fire
Lisa's Profile, about life and more
Keywords: charity, cancer, gym, kids
Jori - Towering Tall
Jori telling in her own words how she coped being the tallest in her class, and not belonging...
Keywords: short, tall, moaning, hug,self confidence, confident, accept
Long Stories
Imola's Passion
Imola's story about running and more
Keywords: dream, determination, passion, marathon
Project Rika
The history of the Incredible Ladies - where it all began!
Keywords: photo therapy, diary, photo shoot, make-over



In this place I would like to give you a bit more background information about me. Tell you what else I did in my life and which people influenced me most.
Keywords: University, pets, hobbies, travel, hubby, upbringing
My friend Beibei is a too busy lady at the moment ... During her time here she had to deal with a lot of issues ... I have no idea from where she takes her energy. I rarely met such a funny ...
Keywords: Carrie Bradshaw, green tea, fashion
Curiosity towards the world...
Keywords: photos, camera, passion, travel
Well, I seem to be the computer geek in the family, and so I ended up as the 'Incredible Ladies' admin guy. ...
Keywords: computer, golf, bodybuilding, gym

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

Recommendations, recommendations!

Body & Mind / Health
Hair & Fashion
Nutrition / Recipes

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